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Emerging Leader Award


The OASGW Emerging Leaders Program was designed to provide graduate counseling students
and new professionals early in their careers with cultivating experiences that support leadership
skill and competency development, and diverse opportunities to actively participate in OASGW
Executive Board meetings, serve on a committee, task force, and/or engage in projects of
interest, receive mentorship, build professional networks, and gain exposure to the
responsibilities associated with fulfilling elected leadership positions.
Two graduate counseling students (master’s or doctoral) and one new professional early in her or
his career will be selected as Emerging Leaders to provide a minimum of 25 hours of service to
the OASGW during the 2022-2023 term (July, 2022 to July, 2023). Recipients must be an OCA
and OASGW member at the time of application submission, and your status (i.e., master,
doctoral, or new professional) should be based on your student/graduation status as of January 1,
2022. New professionals must have graduates within the previous year to qualify for the
Applicants who have exhibited exceptional leadership potential, and that hold a willingness to
serve OASGW in a variety of roles for the betterment of the counseling group profession and the
consumers of counseling services are sought.

Emerging Leader Application: About Me

Application Requirements

Interested applicants should submit the following to OASGW at no later than June 4th, 2022

Download the application PDF here!

The board will notify applicants of the status of the application by July 31st, 2022

OASGW Emerging Leaders Application

Full Name:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Are you a current OCA and OASGW member? Yes / No

Please specify which Emerging Leadership Program you are applying for: (Master’s student,
Doctoral Student, or New Professional). Please note you should complete the form based on your graduation status as of January 1, 2017 (e.g., If you graduate with a doctoral degree in
January, 2020, you would indicate you are a new professional, not a doctoral student).

If you are applying for the Master’s or Doctoral Emerging Leader, please indicate your
university and program area of study.

Master’s or Doctoral Degree:
Program area of study:

If you are applying for the New Professional Emerging Leader, please indicate your university or
agency affiliation and job title.

University or Agency Affiliation:
Job Title:


Please describe in 750 words or less how the OASGW Emerging Leaders Program will assist
you in achieving your professional and leadership goals. Be sure to include specific interest
areas within OASGW where you would like to gain experience, your interest in group work, and
any past leadership experiences that may inform your ability to serve as an OASGW Emerging

Curriculum Vitae 

Two letters of recommendation describing your leadership skills and experiences, and reasons why you should be selected to serve as an Emerging Leader

Still have more questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

Emerging Leader Application: FAQ

Past Winners

Emerging Leader Program

Nathanael Bloss    2020-2021
Hayle Fisher            2020-2021
Deanna Revels       2019-2020  
Charles Roberts     2019-2020 
Lauren Butler          2019-2020 
Amanda Shugula  2018-2019
Elizabeth Breyley    2017-2018 
Yiannoula Mavroidis 2016-2017
Stephanie Johnson 2015-2016

Emerging Leader Application: About

Most Influential OASGW Experience:

Being mentored by the leaders of Group work in Ohio who were serving as the OASGW Executive Board. The mentorship and unique networking experiences. with OCA executive board were opportunities I wouldn’t have had direct access to in that capacity had I not been awarded the Emerging Leader Opportunity. These unique leadership experiences have influenced my professional development, counselor identity and skills as group work counselor.

Where I Am Now:

OASGW President 2021, LPCC therapist working toward my supervision endorsement. Currently, I work as an IOP Coordinator at a private practice in North East Ohio.

Group Work Tip:

Actively reorient your group to the rules to help reinforce group expectations and assist them in meeting there treatments goals.

Yiannoula Mavroidis 2016-2017

Most Influential OASGW Experience:

Being involved in creating and delivering a group centered workshop.

Where I Am Now:

Private Practice

Group Work Tip:

Open groups with a check in to center members to the present moment, and close with a check out to help form transitions from group.

Elizabeth Breyley 2017-2018

Most Influential OASGW Experience:

Presenting at the All Ohio Counselor's Conference with Staci Tessmer and Hayle Fisher.

Where I Am Now:

Cleveland Clinic

Group Work Tip:

Remember to be yourself, and remain genuine.

Lauren Butler 2018-2019

Most Influential OASGW Experience:

I got the opportunity to present at a workshop, which looked good on my resume when applying for doctoral programs.

Where I Am Now:

Currently, I am working as an LPC full-time. I will be going to part-time counseling later this year due to going back to Kent State University in fall 2021 for the Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral program.

Group Work Tip:

Be willing to compromise with group members within reason as long as they respect the overall rules/boundaries of the group.

Deanna Revels 2018-2019

Emerging Leader Application: Testimonials
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